About Us

"EDAMARI" is a regional god name. But now, it is a brand name which will "change a place into palace". EDAMARI was started by Mr.Suresh in 1984. The vision of the firm is to satisfy the client with the decoration of their space with art and architecture.
EDAMARI's timeline is given below...

1984 - Wall JeweIs Dealer for Wallpaper and Vinyl flooring
1986 - Jindal Aluminium Dealer
1990 - Best Entrepreneur Award in Jaycees Club
2000 - GarWare Suncontrol Film Dealer
2000 - Marvel Curtain Rod Dealer
2006 - Wonder floor VinyI flooring Dealer
2007 - Ramsha Carpet Dealer

2010 - Phifer Mosquito net Dealer
2010 - Rosetta Wooden Flooring Dealer
2012 - Gyproc (Saint Gobain) false ceiling Dealer
2012 - Duratuff MDF Sheet Dealer
2014 - Modular Kitchen Manufacturing Unit
2015 - Pute UPVC Fabrication Dealer
2015 - UPVC Doors & Windows Manufacturing Unit

About Suresh

Inspired in innovative design from his father,who is an Art Director and had experience in Vahini Studios, Chennai. Initially, Mr.Suresh decided to decorate his own room with his own design. Due to his passion over interior design, he went to Bombay ICI and graduated in "Diploma in Interior Decoration and Design".
Then he started to work in Devi Designers & Decorations, Chennai in 1985. After that he learned more about false ceiling, wardrobe and Aluminium partition. Now he made EDAMARI, a leader in this field.

About Sukumar

An Entrepreneur, Adventurer and growth hacker whose job is to make opportunities knock the door more than once. And he's got some good success there so far.
An acknowledged designer among the design fraternity. Sukumar has completed his Bachelor's in Business Management, Master's in Business Administration and Master Diploma in Interior Architecture Design. Inspite of his father's business, he is keenly interested in advanced technologies of interior design.